Exercise of the Week #47 Partner IT Band Stretch

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #47 PARTNER IT BAND STRETCH The Fourth move in our partner stretching series is the Partner IT band. We have done one other for the hamstring but we are also big fans of the IT Band stretch for the additional lumbar twist associated with the exercise. The twist enables for not […]

Exercise of the Week #46 Partner Clapper Stretch

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #46 PARTNER CLAPPER For the third move in our partner stretching series we switch to the upper body. We so commonly train imbalance into our upper body by focusing more on our chest and bicep that we begin to tighten up in the anterior deltoid. The partner clapper stretch is a […]


Exercise of the Week #45 Partner Frog

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #45 PARTNER FROG The second move in our partner stretching series is one of either a love or hate relationship. For many athletes it is a great stretch to help them elongate their adductors but for others it is pure torture. Give it a shot and see what you think. Like […]

Exercise of the Week #44 Partner Hamstring Stretch

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #44 PARTNER HAMSTRING STRETCH This is the first in a series of exercises we will show you to increase the flexibility of various muscles of the upper and lower body. This is the Partner Hamstring Stretch that is designed to elongate the muscles that comprise the hamstrings. Done correctly this can […]

Exercise of the Week #43 A Christmas Ab Workout

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #43 A CHRISTMAS AB WORKOUT TO MAKE SANTA PROUD Here is a quick abdominal workout you can do after you open up those presents and have your hot chocolate or egg nog or whatever else you may drink to spice up the morning. Watch the video to see the examples or […]

Exercise of the Week #42 How to use a Bench to Build Strength Workouts for Kids

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #42 HOW TO USE A BENCH TO TEACH STRENGTH TO KIDS The final video for this short series on strength training for kids is how to incorporate a simple bench into the strength development of kids. We feel the best strength training we ever get in our lives is the strength […]

Exercise of the Week #41 Kids Lunges

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #41 LUNGES FOR KIDS We now move to a lower body move for the kids. Lunges are in our opinion the best choice for lower body strength. For kids especially it has some many beneficial components such as balance, flexibility, power, and of course strength. Try different variations of the lunge […]

Exercise of the Week #40 Kids Handstands

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #40 HANDSTANDS FOR KIDS The second exercise for building strength in younger kids is my Son’s and I personal favorite, the Handstand. All three of my children have or will be doing gymnastics. I love the training it provides for younger kids as they are able to do some great obstacle […]

Exercise of the Week #39 Pushups for Kids

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK #39 PUSHUPS FOR KIDS For the 5th series on our Exercise of the Week Program we are going to give all of you parents and P.E. Teachers a few tips on strength training young kids. It is important to remember what real strength represents. At any age strength is a representation […]

Exercise of the Week Workout #4 Running Warmup

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK WORKOUT #4 RUNNING WARMUP Here is the complete Running Warmup for you to follow. Give it a shot the next time you are headed out for a run. We have taken the time to put together an intelligent warmup that incorporates the various components necessary to promote an efficient stride. Here […]

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