My Personal Resolution Journey Day #64 (Last Update)

Well I am down to just a few days left on my New Years Resolutions. I have not checked in with you in quite some time but I wanted to give you a quick update just in case you were curious. My Original Weight Goal was to get my weight below 170 pounds. If I […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day #43 (update)

Well I am not doing myself any workout favors again these past few days. On Last Friday I had Lasik Eye surgery and it is one of the best decisions of my life. If you are considering it, I say go for it. I got a great deal on it so I could not pass […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day #36 (Update)

On the scale today I was at 182 pounds. I have not started the Ultramind Solution Program yet. I am in the preparation week still and my Dr. appointment is still to come to get teh blood work done. What I have started is to cut out all High Fructose Corn Syrup. In the book, […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day #26 (Update)

Today I retested on several areas of the Goals I had set out to achieve. I am approaching the half way point and I wanted to check in.  First on the Chin-ups I was able to get 10 with great form today. I am hoping to be able to work more on these in the […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day #18

I hope you are having success on your Resolutions! Now that my health has steadily approved mine are going great. There are a few things I want to make sure you are aware of as you progress.  First is the weight loss goals. I said I would weigh in each week just to keep you […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day #15

I weighed in at 186 lbs this week. I am so grateful to be back on track with my health so I can now really get focused on these goals.  I wanted to give you the last workout for you to be working on. This one is just like the first quick one. It is […]

My Personal Resolution Day #12

Well we have all the data collected. Now for the last point on looking long and seeing short. The long term goals have been established. February 28th is the big day for all of them. Now I will be seeing the short term progress by doing a weekly test on each of the areas. I […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day #11 (5k Test)

Wow it was ugly but I was able to do it. I could really tell I had ot done anything for well over a week. My lungs and legs got tired very quickly. I decided that since we are in the beginning of the winter season that I would do the test on a treadmill. […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day 10 (chin-up test)

This will be a short post today. I just wanted to go over the chin-up test with you. Similar to the pushup test the key is to make sure that you have excellent form. There are pictures attached to show you an example. Obviously this is a challenging exercise. If you are unable to do […]

My Personal Resolution Journey Day 9 (Pushup Test)

I am finally getting better!!! So I will do the pushup test today, and the Chin-up test tomorrow. Then I will look to try and do the 5k on Thursday or Friday after I see the Dr. again. I hope you have all had a chance to look over the diet and see if it […]

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"My body has not reacted well with working a desk job.  I am only 25, but have been having a lot of pain that has built up over the past 6 months...The cubicle workouts have truly helped, I cant even begin to tell much better! Thanks Scott, love the routines!" Brandon
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